Professional Automotive Detailing Services Sidney & Victoria

We operate a boutique auto spa providing professional and reliable car detailing service located in Sidney, North Saanich.

Paint Correction
Glossy & Swirl Free

Have you noticed that your paint doesn't look the same as when you first got the vehicle? Well as the vehicle gets washed, each time you wash the vehicle small micro scratches swirl up the paint and this effects its shine and overall appearance. Another factor is the sun, it tends to oxidize the paint and cloud its finish. As well as conventional washing soaps strip the sealers from the paint exposing it to harmful UV rays and contamination. Good news we can correct your paint and bring it back to its glory days!

Ceramic Coatings
The Best Paint Protection

We have tried many products on the paintwork of cars, but nothing has nearly the resilience, shine and contamination proofing like a high quality ceramic coating. We deal with only the finest polishes and sealers and we use Glossbaus Ceramic Coatings to seal our planes. Having your vehicle detailed and ceramic coated will increase the paints life and will ensure that your paint is looking good for you all year round.

Window Polishing 
& Hydrophobic Sealants

We know that it is imperative to have crystal clear vision from your windows as you fly. We specialize in polishing the polycarbonate glass and or glass of your plane to rid the surface of oxidation, swirl marks and contamination. We then use a super hydrophobic window sealant which makes the water bead up and roll off the window leaving a dry crystal clear clarity while you fly. 

Plastic Trim Restoration
We Make It Look Great

Apart from having your paint work all polished and coated, another area that really adds a nice touch is to have all the plastic trip restored to its beautiful dark luster. We pride ourselves in using long lasting products that produce brilliant shines.

Tires & Rims
Roll With Style

First impressions are everything, your car may be clean but if you have dirty rims it just doesn't look right. We use chrome safe polishes and tire safe rubber dressings to really bring back the wheel to that "like new" look.

Interior Rejuvenation
Feel Good While You Drive

Although our main expertise is paint correction and protection, we do interior rejuvenation. We can steam clean your interior and bring back the life to your seats, dash and carpets.

Rock Chip Repairs
Fix Your Chipped Paint

We can have custom paint made to match your paint chips, we then use a specialty process to adhere the new paint to the completely cover the chips, we then wet sand a polish the area to nearly unnoticeable paint chip repair.


I had just bought my Tesla used, and after a chat with the dealer they told me that the tesla paint was very soft and prone to getting scratched and damaged. The dealership wanted to charge me 2000$ to polish and ceramic coat my vehicle. So I started shopping around and I found these guys! Wow they made it literally look like brand new I was shocked when I walked in their showroom. Thanks a million guys!

Brett Stern

Tesla Model 3

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