Professional Aviation & Aircraft Detailing In Sidney & Victoria

We offer the Sidney and North Saanich community our elite aviation detailing services. We can restore your airplanes paint finish to nearly brand new, and or we can seal your new paint finish with our long lasting premium paint protection.

Paint Restoration
Bring The Life Back

The sun and environment have a huge impact on your airplanes paint. These impacts not only effect the overall look of the planes appearance but also the performance of the plane while flying. It is not unknown that after a Top Notch polishing job, your plane will notice increases to speed and fuel economy. 

Ceramic Coatings
The Best Paint Protection

We have tried many products on the paintwork of planes, but nothing has nearly the resilience, shine and contamination proofing like a high quality ceramic coating. We deal with only the finest polishes and sealers and we use Glossbaus Ceramic Coatings to seal our planes. Having your plane ceramic coated will increase the paints life and get you more years out of your plane before you will need to repaint it.

Window Polishing 
& Hydrophobic Sealants

We know that it is imperative to have crystal clear vision from your windows as you fly. We specialize in polishing the polycarbonate glass and or glass of your plane to rid the surface of oxidation, swirl marks and contamination. We then use a super hydrophobic window sealant which makes the water bead up and roll off the window leaving a dry crystal clear clarity while you fly. 

BIG or Small
We Do Them All!

Whether you have a seaplane, a cessna, a grumman goose or an even large plane, we are happy to work on anything that flies. Our team looks forward to working on your plane and giving you the best detailing experience on the island.


I met these boys in a hanger around the way and I was so impressed with the work they were doing to the plane that I had to have them come over and work on mine. My plane has 20 year old paint, and although I keep it in a hangar, it was very faded and had lots of exhaust stains. Well let me tell you, these guys made my plane look new again! The plane is glistening and I couldn't be happier. It saved me from having to get a new paint job, Thanks again to the Top Notch guys!

Martin Jacobs

Cessna 208

You will be suprised how well your plane will look once we are done.

Don't hesitate, if you are interested in having your plane polished and ceramic coated, call us today and get a no hassle free quote.