March 11

Benefits Of Metal Polishing

After all, we all want our boats to be perfectly clean, with all surfaces shining and looking brilliant as ever. This is the case for people who meticulously look after their exterior and maintain it with the right products at the right times. As for most of you who just don’t have the time, these little things like stainless steel get left on the back burner.

Most boats if you look at the stainless steel you may notice some heavy water spots, small amounts of corrosion and rust starting to form, and this seems like nothing serious.

The problem with stainless steel not being polished is it starts to build a micro layer of film and corrosion that not only eats at the metal itself, allowing the problems to get worse. But it also leaks onto the boat causing the boat to have hideous black streaks and rust stains that take much more vigour to get out then a simple afternoon buffing the stainless to a perfect shine.

The black residue of heavily tarnished stainless steel.

We recommend having your stainless steel buffed up bi-yearly to get rid of any corrosion and to also prevent the metals from “leaking” black residue all over prized asset.

Now you may be thinking okay you have polished the stainless, what is stopping corrosion and this black mess from happeneing again next month?

INSULATOR WAX! This stuff works great, what instulator wax does is it creates a micro barrier around all your stainless steel and it prevents elements such as sea water, dirt…etc from sticking to its surface and creating these bad side effects. Now what we recommend is having your stainless completely polished and buffed, then applying this insulator wax to all your stainless. If this is done every 6 months you will have much less black streaks, much less corrosion and much less worry about keeping your stainless shiny and your boat clean!

Is your stainless due for a polish? Give us a call today 250-686-4101 for a free no obligation quote to bring your stainless back to life and prevent further damage due to harmful elements of the sea and sun.


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