March 11

Does Your Boat Need A Compound Polish?

As we all know, boats after time can become dull, faded and chaulky as time goes on and the protective UV wax coating slowly wears away. Sometimes a lot of the luster can be replenish with a quick and thorough waxing. But what happens when you wax it and the boat still looks dull? This is due to oxidation in the boats paint, and the only way remove this oxidation is to use a rubbing compound or cut polish and buff the boats paint using a high speed polisher.

You may have an old boat and think, no this vessel has no chance to relive its glory and shine again. We like to prove you wrong! We have brought back boats so faded and oxidized that when the owner would wash the boat the oxidation would cloud the surrounding water, that is one chaulky boat!

before after cut polish wax

Its remarkable what a little elbow grease and the right tools and products can do to make your boat look brand new again! We use only premium compounds selected to meet your requirements. If the boat has light oxidation we use a very light grade compound or finishing material. If it has some serious scratches and oxidation we use heavy duty compounds and work are way up to lighter compounds, this eliminates any swirl marks in the paint.

For the best results, ask one of our technicians to come give you a quote to have your boat done! We love to make boats shine!


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