March 11

If you’ve never used FSR you’ll be glad you read this!

If you’ve been using elbow grease an house hold cleaners to clean your boat, you’ll be amazed at the ease of use with this magic product. Literally paint or wipe in onto rusted or stained fiberglass and or gelcoat and watch as stains just disappear before your eyes. Some serious stains may take several applications but in the end of the day FSR is an amazing product to really bring the white and the life back into your fiberglass.

If you look at the picture attached to this article you will notice in the background the hull of the boat has a rusted stain on it, the white area beside the rust is where the FSR was just simply smeared on with a rag, and right before our eyes it turned back to its original white color.

Next time your in the marine store, pick up a jar of this, great to use on hard to remove stains.

REMEMBER: Dont use on freshly waxed areas, or areas with a polymer coating as it eats through wax and polymers. If you must use it, wash and rewax the area after application.


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