March 11

Sealing Up Your Teak Is Ideal

So we all love a nice brand new teak deck, or the way a teak deck looks after it has had our special two part treatment.

The problem is, it just does’nt stay that golden hue for long. A few months go by and you start to see that silver starting to come back, and your in desperate need to rejuvenate the teak again.

We don’t like the thought of scrubbing teak TOO MUCH as you essentially remove mirco layers of teak on every scrub and eventually wear the teak deck out, and the caulking starts to come apart.

We now have a solution for you;


We use this awesome product to seal in your teak deck and keep it looking nice or much longer. The great part about this sealer is it also repels water, wine and grease stains from food.

Why go through all the pain and agony of scrubbing away layers of teak every year, when you can use OUR method of teak sealing and get several years out of your teak because we do a full sealer removal and re-application.

The middle step shows freshly sealed teak.

For a no hassle, free quote, give us a call 250-686-4101


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