March 11

Shore Power Cables Are Making Your Boat Dirty!

We all know after a nice long weekend of cruising around, when it comes to pulling into port at the end of the day, all we are thinking about is getting the boat tied up and secured so we can begin enjoying the rest of the evening. A big creator of marks, stains and mess on your boat is old weathered shore power cables. They get all gummed up and dirty, and when your in a hurry to have them hooked up, you tend to drag them all over your deck and they create unsightly marks and unnecessary mess.

Having your shore power cables cleaned and sealed will prevent a lot of mess on deck, and if you have had to be very careful running them along the deck in the past, now you can run them on the deck with peace of mind.

We offer shore power cleaning and sealing at very affordable rates. We highly suggest anyone who has had there boat recently waxed or detailed to have there shore power cables cleaned as they will eventually ruin your nice new wax job.


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