March 11

The Restoration Of A Blue Hull

If you are boat owner with a blue hull you know that it can be a major task trying to keep it looking up to ship shape. Dark lustrous finishes show every water spot, run, dust spec, you name it! The worst part is it really takes a beating from the sun. With out a regular wax coating the boat is sure to get some oxidation.

You want to attack oxidation at the first signs. Heavy oxidation into colored gel coats can be really tough to get out, usually needing a thorough wet sanding to remove deep routed oxidation.

On awl grip colors, the oxidation can destroy your finish. If the oxidation gets to bad, the buffing process to bring back its luster will be so agressive, you could end up swirling the finish or making a mess.

We always suggest using a two to three step process when buffing dark blue gel coat. It really brings back the original luster.

We always suggest asking professional advice before trying to refinish any dark blue hull. The products and procedure really place a big roll in the final results and knowing how to preserve the finish long after the polish was complete. For more questions, feel free to contact us and we will guide you in the right direction to getting your hull back to a Top Notch Standard.


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