Yacht Detailing 101

Hi there, and welcome aboard! Today we will go over some of the basic tasks you will be asked to preform on a daily basis. The point of this page is to get you familiarized with the tasks so when the time comes you will already understand what you are doing, this ensures the job gets done efficiently and everyone stays safe.

This job requires many different skills, most are very easy to learn but it's the principles behind them that matter most.

Videos Make Everything Easier.

Waxing & buffing

The basic skills of how to operate a buffer, the buffing technique, the different compounds from course to fine. The skills to remove oxidation and produce a quality shine.

Boat Washing Principles

How to wash a boat, the basic principles. Rinse, Wash, Rinse, Shammy Dry.

Teak Cleaning 

How to use teak cleaners, the process of how to use them, the methods of scrubbing the deck, the direction to scrub the deck, the things to look out for, and how to dry it properly.

Top Notch Yachts

The Mission

Our goal is to have fun, look great, and give our customers and their boats the best experience they have ever had.

 Our management comes from years of boating experience; The owner has cruised on large super and mega yachts all through the Caribbean, Mediterranean, New England, South Florida, Pacific North West, South America and more. He spent nearly 7 years working as crew on some of these yachts, and finally received his captains license before starting Top Notch Yachts Inc. in 2015.

 Kai Craig the manager has worked on yachts for over 15 years and has lots of marine detailing and boat handling experience, as well he can teach you a thing or two about fishing :).

So just so you know, the people you are learning these skills from and who you are working with are very experienced in the field.

Knots You Will Need To Know

#1 Bowline Knot

#2 Cleat Hitch

#3 Clove Hitch

Thats It!

Make sure you watched all these videos and that you've absorbed the information because most definitely every one of these tasks will come up during the season.