July 22

Why August is the best month to have your boat polished / protected.

You may or may not know that the ultra violet rays of the sun are very caustic to your boats finish. These rays oxidize your gel coat and paint work, creating a dull and chalky finish. August being the hottest and sunniest month of the year is when these rays will be doing the most harm to your boat.

Having your boat properly polished and protected during this month will save your boat from becoming extremely oxidized and needing extensive work to bring it back to is prime.

That being said there is no better time than August to have your boat protected!

** Bonus ** All polishing jobs in August will receive a FREE window coating to protect the customers topside windows from salt and contamination and also to produce that crystal clear clarity for good navigation and cruising.

If you are interested in having your boat polished this AUGUST give us a call at 250-686-4101 or email us at info@topnotchyachts.ca


August Yacht Detailing, Best month to get your boat detailed.

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