About Our Company

Top Notch Yachts is a company devoted to providing legendary yacht services in the Greater Victoria and surrounding areas. Our company is built on the basic principles of trust, convenience, and quality. With years of experience backing our team, we take pride in our work. We strive to make each of our customers experience with our company a memorable one.

Whether you need us to take care of your yacht and maintain it, or you are looking to sell or purchase a yacht. We at Top Notch are dedicated to you, and we work harder than the competition to ensure that your needs are being met, with professionalism and an urgency that you deserve.

Emil Jansen

Company President

Emil's passion for boating started at a young age, growing up in Victoria he had always dreamed of sailing the world. Once he turned 21 he managed to find himself working on some of the world's finest super yachts, cruising the Caribbean, Mediterranean and New England.

When not chartering or cruising, he would reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While in Florida he made a great network of clients, brokers, crew and friends which opened up many doors for him and this amazing industry.

Emil strives to make a connection with the international yachting scene in Victoria. He aspires to provide legendary yacht services to all boats, and he has the charisma, knowledge and willingness to selling yachts and aid those who are looking at purchasing one. When he's not boating or on boats, he enjoys biking in the great outdoors, skiing, playing music and embracing all that is good in life.

Kai Craig

General Manager

Kai is an avid fisherman and detailing expert. Kai is originally a Victoria native but has spent nearly two decades in Japan. During his time in Japan he learned the skill of high end luxury yacht & automotive detailing, and this is where his immense passion for the industry began.

Kai has an extreme eye for detail and the willingness and drive to push through the hard work and produce the results the customer is after. He is great at managing and training the crew and also ensuring that the job is done safely and that everyone is doing a Top Notch job.
Kai is a huge asset to the company and brings years of knowledge in detailing experience and international product knowledge. We look forward to you meeting Kai and seeing his skills on your boat.

“We Are Nothing Without Our Great Team, And Our Top Notch Standards."