Professional Yacht Detailing In Sidney and  Victoria BC

With over a combined 20+ years in yachting experience, we offer Vancouver Island premium Yacht detailing services.  You can rest assured that your boat is being handled with the upmost care and highest attention to detail you would expect from a company with our reputation.

Top Notch Yacht Detailing Services

Cut Polishing & Waxing

Keep Your Boat Shiny

Whether your paint is Awl Grip, Dupont, Alex Seal and or gel coat, we do them all! We have very competitive rates, and we are extremely careful and detailed when it comes to your paint and your vessel. We only order the finest compounds and waxes to ensure that you are getting the best results possible.

Teak Sanding & Sealing

We Make Your Teak Sleak

Our experienced professionals take pride in making your teak look amazing. If your teak has mildew growing in it, or it has become white or silvery, we can bring back the bright golden hue that you desire. If your teak is old and the caulking is protruding past the wood, we can help by shaving or "planing" down all the caulking to get it back to base level with the teak. If the teak has huge grooves or trenches in the grains, this is a serious problem. The groves allow for dirt, moisture and mildew to grow inside your wood. We suggest you have your decks sanded. Speak with a Top Notch team member about our solutions for your teak decks.

Window Polishing 

Get Crystal Clear Clarity 

Windows in the marine environment are prone to water spotting and etching. This makes visibility poor and it also allows the salt to stick to them, making the windows very hard to keep clean. What we do is we use a specialty window polish to rid the surface of those pesky water spots, we then seal it in with our super hydrophobic window coatings. This will ensure that you have the best vision from your windows and they stay clean longer.

Detailed Boat Washing

Get On A Wash Program

We all know that the last thing you want to do when you arrive at your boat is wash it before a big trip coming up. We make life easy for you by using non-aggressive washing techniques to keep your boat sparkling like it should. Our washing techniques are different from the competition with Ph neutral soaps that don't strip the wax layer and also non-abrasive wash methods keep down the swirl marks and keep the finish at its best. 

Set up a wash schedule with us and have your boat washed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Stainless Restoration

Rid Your Boat of Rust

As you know, stainless steel on your boat is prone to corrosion and pitting. This corrosion eventually leaks onto your white gel coat or paintwork and creates a nasty stain. Not to mention the boat doesn't look great with rusty stainless steel. So we use a myriad of different polishes and techniques to bring back the luster to your stainless steel and then seal it in with a nano coating, insulator wax, or ceramic coating. The sealer is what keeps it from rusting and makes it very water repellent.

*** Testimonial ***

Top Notch was engaged to help with restoring "After Four" to her original beauty. He took on the task and treated her as his own. The care and attention to the task was evident with his whole team. Upon encountering additional challenges, he took the time to thoroughly advise and presented a number of solutions.The quality of work was evident in the number of friends and nearby boat owners that took note and made use of his services.

Top Notch is an integral part of our yachts on going care program and we hope he will be for years to come.

Jim Lucas

Ocean Alexander Cockpit Motor Yacht

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