January 13

Beyond the Boathouse: Why Your Boat Needs Top-Notch Monitoring

Owning a boat is a source of joy, but it comes with responsibilities beyond just cruising the open waters. Many boat owners tend to focus on maintaining their vessels, but what about the boathouse itself?

Here’s why keeping an eye on both is crucial.

Birds, Nests, and Unwanted Guests

Take a look at these photos – a cozy little bird made a home in someone’s boat house during cold weather. Cute, right? Not so much when you see the mess it left behind. Birds and other critters can find their way into your boathouse, turning it into an unexpected aviary. Regular monitoring helps prevent these surprises and keeps your boathouse in shipshape condition.

Weather Woes: Not Just an Open Water Issue

Boathouses provide shelter, but they’re not immune to the elements. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your boat, even when it’s snug in its boathouse. The cold can damage engines, electronics, and other boat components. Regular monitoring ensures that your boat is weathering the weather well, even when tucked away.

A Stitch in Time Saves a Boatload of Trouble

Customers with boathouses often assume that their vessels are safe from harm, but unexpected mishaps can happen anytime. That’s why having your boat monitored is like having a preventive health check-up – catching issues early on prevents bigger problems down the line.


In the world of boat care, monitoring is the unsung hero. Whether it’s watching out for unexpected guests or safeguarding your boat from the cold, it’s a small investment that pays off BIG. Trust Top Notch Yachts to keep a watchful eye on your boat and boathouse, ensuring you enjoy smooth sailing every time. Because when it comes to boat care, we’ve got our eyes on the horizon and yours on the adventures ahead. 🚤✨


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