March 11

It was a wet winter, and your boat is green!

Afterall we all know that our Victorian winters are quite mild compared to the rest of canada, or even a majority of north america to say the least. Some years we get snow, some years we dont. One thing we never go with out, is rain.

Heavy winter rain can create nasty green mildew all over your boat. But we can fix that!

2015/16 had a lot of rain, resulting in a lot of green growth, mildew and mess all over your prized princess. The rainier winters disturb the instantaneous rush of heading to the marina to wash your boat, leaving the spring catch up work to much for you to handle on your own time.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again…Have no fear TOP NOTCH IS HERE! We have just the right skills and our premium yacht products we ensure long lasting high quality results, bringing your boat back to the brilliance and shine you remember from when you first purchased her…or even better!

ENJOY THE WEATHER FOLKS, Spring is here, and we are very busy with all the clients that want their boats done. Please contact us well ahead of time, to allow us to accommodate you the best we know how.


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