Monitoring Plans Tailored To YouR boat

We offer monitoring programs to fit you and your vessels needs. Whether you want a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check, we have you covered with our diligent and experienced monitoring staff.

What we look for in our monitoring:

-We check that the vessel is moored properly, secured to the dock, all the fenders in position and lines are properly tightened and no chaffing or tears in the lines.

-We check that the shore power leads are properly connected and the boat is getting AC power. We check that the battery chargers are working and the batteries are being properly charged.

-Check and monitor bilges and the levels of water in the bilges, check bilge pumps that they are working.

-Inspection of the boat for leaks and open windows and port holes.

-We check that the heaters for the boat are on and working, at right temperature, and in the right locations.

-We inspect toilets and maintain proper Vacuflush water levels , to ensure hydration to the seals.

-We check fluid levels in engines and generators. We fire up engines and generators and measure how they are running.

-We inspect all fridges and freezers are properly sealed, working and doing their job.

-On request we exercise through-hull valves and sea cocks.

-We perform monthly or bi weekly boat washes to ensure the boat is being regularly cleaned and maintained.

-We look over the entire boat and make notes to things that could need attention in the future and help make your yachting program go as smooth and flawless as we can.

We are always able to customize the monitoring plan to fit your requirements and budget.

Our experienced staff are ready and at your service to help you with your boat.

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