March 24

2022 Annual Riviera Rendezvous

Riviera Rendezvous 2022


The annual Riviera Rendezvous will be happening June 9th – June 12th. It will be held at Roche Harbour off the Peninsula Coast of Vancouver Island. This is always a highly anticipated event and a great kick-off for the boating season.

Riviera owners from across the Pacific Northwest gather together for fun and games and to discuss all things Riviera!

With this year’s annual Riviera Rendezvous just around the corner, we would like to open our books for Riviera owners to have their boats serviced for the event. The booking dates will be between June 1st and June 8th.
Please send an email at to book your Riviera maintenance or give Emil a call at 250-686-4101.
Happy Boating!


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