March 11

Is Your Teak Deck Ready For A Sanding?

Teak as you know requires ALOT of maintenance and everytime you do your yearly cleaning it removes a little bit of the pulp exposing the grain of the wood more and more each year.

Improper cleaning practices will expedite this process immensely. So taking the time to use the right products and even more importantly the procedure you use to remove that nasty white pulp to reveal the golden hue beneath.

After your teak has gotten too weathered and the grains are heavily exposed, this is when it is suggested to have the teak decks sanded to a flat finish.

Not sanding will actually harm your teak. You see what happens is these grains now are little groves for water to sit and reside in. When the water sits in the grooves it actually expedites the wood breaking down and eventually creates mildew and rot.

We offer a full teak sanding service, where we strip down the old teak, and we can either oil it, put a semco sealer or just leave it natural. Whichever your taste prefers.

Having teak on board sure is beautiful to look at and there is something very nostalgic about its smell when it gets wet, but the maintenance is surely something that can not go unattended too.

Hope this helps you analyze your decks to see if they are in need of some love.

-Top Notch Team.


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