March 11

Our NEW Nano Coating Is Oxidation Defying!

So over the years we have tried everything under the sun to make boats shine and stay shiny. From wax, liquid wax, paste wax, turtle wax, ceramic wax, ceramic coatings, nano polymer coatings and more.

The product we have found the absolute best results in regards to time it takes to apply (labor cost is your most expensive part of detailing) the end product (how shiny is the surface) and most importantly how long will it stay shiny and what is the maintenance like.

This product is Gel Coat Sealant by Glossbaus, it is a nano gel coating that was primarily developed to be used on boats in the Florida caustic sun. Where boat owners need to wax their boats quarterly. 

This product is absolutely stunning, it lays down smooth and the water beading effect last far longer than any other product we have found, and it is not crazy expensive which our customers appreciate and we do as well.

The reason the nano coating works so well is the coating is made up of extremely small polymer nano particles that penetrate the surface deeper than wax or most sealants, this effectively fills in the pores of the surface with the uv protecting product creating a serious bond and protection layer to your gel coat or paint and also makes it more resilient to wear and tear and normal washing.

We know the season is getting ready and we just want to let you know that there is a new product in our roster that is outperformed all of our last products 10 fold. 

If you have a boat that is prone to oxidation, is old and weathered, or is new and you want to protect your investment. Ask for the Nano Gel Coating to be put on your next polishing job, you will not regret it! Although you may need to buy a new pair of polarized sun glasses because your boat will be too shiny to look at in the sunlight without them 🙂

Stay safe out there!

Top Notch Team. 


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